About Us

Puppy Lifesaver is the effort of several  individuals who are interested in the care, well being and the search for forever homes for homeless, abandoned and sadly, sometimes abused pets.  Located in southwest Santa Rosa, the rescued dogs find themselves in a facility that promotes socialization, kindness and care.  They are given time to adjust, heal, play and socialize.  Our dogs and puppies get used to livestock, cats, children and other dogs.  They get to play in large, fenced areas as much away from the kennel/shelter scene as we can get them.

When you adopt a new friend from Puppy Lifesaver, you can rest assured that we have done our utmost to adapt the pet to as many circumstances as they might encounter in their new life with a new family.  The volunteers who help us have years of experience in kennel work, veterinary assistance, and professional dog training.  This is their way of “giving back” to a community of animals who deserve more than they have been given.  It is our desire to replace their tumultuous past with love, affection and kindness.  It is a wonderful thing to see these deserving puppies and dogs respond to this kind of care.  To watch them rebound with love, enthusiasm and respect  and to go to their forever homes with a new found purpose to be the best family member they can be.